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1. Content of this website 
The author refuses to accept liability for the currency, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. Liability claims against the author in relation to damage of a material or immaterial nature caused by use or non-use of the information provided or by the use of incorrect and incomplete information are invariably excluded unless intentional or grossly negligent fault on the part of the author is proven.
All offers are subject to confirmation and non-binding.   The author expressly reserves the right to change, supplement or delete parts of the online pages or the entire website or temporarily suspend or permanently cease publication.

2. Links and hyperlinks 
In the case of direct or indirect links and hyperlinks to other websites outside the author's purview, liability applies only if the author is aware of the content and it would have been technically possible and feasible for him to prevent use in the event of unlawful content. 
The author hereby expressly states that at the time of linking no illegal content was identifiable on the linked sites. The author has no influence on current and future layout, content or copyright status of the linked/hyperlinked sites. Consequently, he hereby expressly distances himself from all content of all linked/hyperlinked sites that undergo post-link changes.  This applies for all links and hyperlinks within the own website and for entries made by others in guestbooks, discussion forums, link directories and mailing lists set up by the author and all other forms of databases to which write access is possible from outside.  Liability for illegal, incorrect or incomplete content and in particular for damage resulting from the use or non-use of information so provided resides solely with the provider of the linked site and not the provider linking to the publication in question.

3. Copyright and trademarks 
The author makes every effort to comply in all publications with copyright on the images, graphics, audio documents, video clips and texts used, to employ his own images, graphics, audio documents, video clips and texts, or to utilise licence-free graphics, audio documents, video clips and texts from the public domain. 
All brands and trademarks used on the website and possibly subject to the rights of others are subject without restriction to the applicable laws governing trademarks and the property rights of their registered owners. Use of name alone does not suffice as a basis for the assumption that brands are not protected by the rights of third parties. 
Copyright for published objects created by the author remains entirely with the author of the website pages. Replication by any means whatsoever or use in any form whatsoever of such graphics, audio documents, video clips and texts in other electronic or printed publications without the prior express permission of the author is prohibited.

4. Data security 
If personal or business data (email address, name, postal address) can be entered on this website, such data is provided by the user expressly at the user's own discretion and voluntarily. Insofar as technically possible and feasible, it is also possible to use and pay for all services offered without providing data of this nature or by providing anonymous data or a pseudonym. Third-part use of the contact data, such as postal addresses, phone and fax numbers and email addresses published within the framework of the legal notice or comparable sources, for transmission of unsolicited information is prohibited.  The right to institute legal proceedings against the initiators of spam emails consequent to infringement of this prohibition is expressly reserved.

5. Validity of this disclaimer 
This disclaimer is to be regarded as part of the website from which the link directed to this page. If parts of this text or individual clauses do not, no longer or incompletely comply with applicable law, the remaining parts of the document remain unaffected in terms of their content and their validity.

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