Vertiliner is the system of choice for lining vertical shafts (generally wastewater shafts) when it is a matter of achieving a seal/surface finish that will last and prolong useful shaft life.



Standard lengths

up to max. 7m

Special lengths on request
Circle diameter     

max.1.5 m

Component size all round max. 4.7m (non-circular cross-sectional shapes)
Section thicknesses 6.3 to approx. 20.3 mm (corresponding to approx. 9-29 individual layers of roving in the make-up)




Corrosion-resistant ECR glass-fibre rovings of various qualities impregnated with a light-cured synthetic resin. Resins used: Unsaturated polyester resin (type 1140 group 3 to DIN 18820 Part 1) and a vinyl ester resin (type 1310 group 5 to DIN 18820 Part 1).The glass-fibre rovings are 0.7 mm thick and the shaft liner is made up of x number of rovings layered and wound one on top of the other. On the outside, the Vertiliner is wrapped in a UV-resistant and water-repellent sealing foil, while on the inside there is a light-permeable composite foil that is peeled off when the product is in situ. We purchase the saturated glass-fibre rovings from German specialists Brandenburger Liner GmbH & Co. KG.



Seamless, one-piece tube extending all the way from top edge of benching to surface of roadway. The changes in shaft cross-section are worked into the product and the liner is supplied to site ready to install.

The annular gap equating to approximately 0.10 % of liner radius that the curing process produces is sealed by a preshaped EPDM rubber gasket. This gasket is positioned to sit approximately 10 cm from the bottom edge of the liner.



Rectangular shafts and shafts with changing cross-sectional shape can be lined with the Vertiliner.



The installation rig does not necessarily require vehicular access to the shaft. The heaviest single component that has to be handled on site is the Vertiliner, which tips the scales at about 50 kg per metre of length, depending on section thickness. Electricity and compressed air are also needed, but they can be brought in from a distance.

Innovative shaft lining

Vertiliner is the system of choice for lining vertical shafts (generally wastewater shafts) when it is a matter of achieving a seal/surface finish that will last and prolong useful shaft life.



It takes about 3 hours to line a DN 1000 concrete shaft 3.5 metres deep, with the usual shaft internals (ladder or climbing irons).There is no need for special measures to maintain drainage capability (water drainage) in the main channel. Only the inflows in the shaft wall have to be shut off for a brief period of time.



Take sizes, heights and diameter (tape or laser distance meter), so that the order for the liner can be started. Our sizes spreadsheet has been posted for client use on our website, where it is available for downloading.


  • Pre-installation cleaning to remove bad soiling
  • Remove the old climbing irons
  • Remove projecting obstacles
  • Re-profile areas of severe deterioration and spalling
  • If necessary, pre-seal sides to keep out heavy groundwater seepage
  • Install the temporary platform, approximately level with the benching
  • Measure and shut off the inflows in the shaft wall
  • Install the Vertiliner (brought to correct elevation and rotated to correct orientation / calibrate with compressed air / cure with UV light source)
  • Cut off top of liner flush with surface
  • Remove temporary platform
  • As applicable, cut openings for inflows and make the connections
  • Test for leaks



The channel and the berm are repaired manually, as necessary. We recommend shaft bottom precastings that come ready for installation, although laminate for in-situ working is an alternative.


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